1- topic difficulty

Topic difficulty score will appear (to show you the difficulty percentage of your keyword as mentioned above)  


2- Top Score achieved in the top 10 results (which indicates to the top results that have been implemented before in the top 10 results in Google) 


3-the top 10 results score 


5-Backlinks Difficulty


The average backlinks needed to rank in the top 10 results

Keep in mind that:

 many sites rank with less backlinks and others need more than this average to rank!

There are another 200+ other SEO ranking factors that affects SERP

6- LSI keywords

These are the words that you should use in your content to be SEO optimized

The first column is the keyword list

The 2nd column is the average frequency rate that has been found in the top 10 results and you should add those with a high average. 

The 3rd column in the TF/IDF score, tf score show how important is this keyword 



7- Google SERP 

Shows every site of the top 10 results: 

Content Score

RD = Referring Domains

Backlinks: Number of backlinks