This tool is used to get suggestions for new keyword ideas:

1. Enter the basic search term, choose country and project language

2. Wait 5 minutes for data to load.

In the background 

A-We analyze the top 10 results and extract the keywords that they rank along with search volume and Cost per click

B- We check what the common keywords the top 10 results are intersect in then those keywords are the LSI keywords 

3. When Ready you'll be able to see your keyword (6 tabs) report. 

4. One attempt at this tool costs 10 points of your account balance.

5- The main tabs of the report as following:


This tab includes the upcoming elements:


 Presents all suggested search words.

Volume & CPC

Indicates monthly search rate and Google price  per click.


Determine how difficult the word is by pressing Check Tab

Graphical user interface, application, table

Description automatically generated


the most common keywords the top 10 results are ranking for with your focus keyword

High Paying

in case you want to use Google Adsense. The tool helps you know the most high paying keywords, so that you write about those keywords for good adsense profits.

Zero Competition

Show the list of keywords that have zero to very low competition on Google ads, the list is very important to google advertisers who wants to target cheap and low competition keywords.

Long Tail

Long tail keywords