• Topic Difficulty is the first tool you see when you enter pro.similarcontent.com
  • Topic difficulty is the first tool you should use which enables you to check how hard is this topic to write an article about it

In TD, SC bot is doing a LIVE analysis to the top 10 google results, and find the repeated LSI keywords that have been used.

LSI words categorized into 1 word, 2, or 3 word phrases.

Through our custom algorithm we can measure how hard is this topic based on what have been written in the top 10 results and how many LSI keywords our bot find.

SC TD measures the difficulty based on number of LSI “Semantic Keywords” that our Bot finds in the top 10 results, but that doesn't mean that you can RANK easily in this topic keyword
But you can cover all the subtopics in this topic idea easily.

If finds few LSI keywords, then the topic will be easy to write about, in short, the sub-topics are little to cover

If we have a lot of LSI keywords then the topic will be considers moderate to write about ..

If LSI keywords are more than the topic will be graded as Comprehensive topic and need much information to be covered