The paraphrasing tool completely reformulates any paragraph using AI and generates a different unique version of the article. 

To start out, input your desired old text into this app and highlight your selected paragraph within 1000 characters limit; the rephrase button will appear once you highlight a paragraph in 1000 characters limit, if you highlight a paragraph that is more than 1000 characters, the paraphrase button won't appear for you.

Next, choose which tone you would like to use when rewriting it. Finally, choose which version is best for your purposes, feel free to make any changes needed and choose the best suitable version based on what makes sense along with being fully unique from your original content in order for it to be published onto an offline website or submitted as an article.

We recommend you not to enter an entire article because this violates Google's policies and also interferes with copyrights. Google search algorithms can easily distinguish original articles from a rephrased one, so we highly recommend using content curation before rephrasing the article. 

You can do content curation by collecting elements of your article from multiple sources, like copying one paragraph from a website and another paragraph from another website that speak about the same point and so on.

it will cost 1 point from your account balance per 1000 characters.